National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore i.e. NUS offers transformative education. The learning institution uses multidisciplinary research to ensure that learners are well-rounded and equipped with vital skills once they graduate. The comprehensive research university was the first in Singapore to be considered an autonomous research university.

NUS was established in 1905. It’s the oldest institution of higher learning in Singapore. Its main campus is found next to Kent Ridge, Southwest Singapore. There is also the Outram Campus, the Duke-NUS medical school for postgraduates. The Yale-NUS College of liberal arts is found in University Town while the Bukit Timah campus has the Lee-Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Faculty of Law. NUS is located near to Ki Residences which is located right at the heart of Clementi.

Ranked as the number one university in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region, NUS is the 22nd best university in the World. This is according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2018. The facility uses a semester-based modular for learners. The course credits are based on the American system while the small group teaching mechanism is based on the British system. The combination of these two systems ensures that learners get the best out of each of them.

Faculties at National University of Singapore

NUS has 17 faculties and schools. Regardless of the program you choose, you will end up getting intellectually fulfilled. Apart from getting the Asian experience, you will and up with global skills. The schools and faculties include:

Arts and social sciences.
Continuing and lifelong education.
Design and environment.
Public policy.

Learning Courses at National University of Singapore

Note that there is also specialist teaching and learning. NUS has courses which are crafted to make learners more productive and they include:

Systems science.
Development of teaching and learning.
Learning science and educational technology.
English language communication.

Alumni at National University of Singapore

There are two academic seasons with semester one starting in August and ending in December. Semester two starts in January and ends in May. The May-August period is a special term. Overall, NUS is determined to push and create new boundaries. The diverse research center strives for excellence through its multiple disciplines. The university has integrated 8 research clusters which range from Asian studies to integrative sustainability solutions to aging.

Since its inception, NUS has produced distinguished alumni. They range from politicians, celebrities, business executives, and many others. It’s worth noting that two Malaysian prime ministers and four presidents and prime ministers of Singapore are NUS alumni. This university nurtures you and imparts you with the best knowledge so that you can thrive.