Condo Size that is Right for your Family

Singaporeans normally buy the biggest condo they can afford. However, this is unnecessary. In this era of economic uncertainty and high down payments, you just need a unit that fits your needs. You can think about the condo size in terms of square feet or number of rooms. However, the best way to do this should be depending on your household type.

1. A typical family

Condo Size that is Right for your Family

Families in Singapore with two kids are considered large based on the national average. But there are some families which might have more than 2 kids which means that they need to have at least 4 bedrooms. A household with 5 or 6 persons, therefore, needs at least 1,500 square feet. This means that every individual needs 250 square feet to minimize the chances of space conflict.

2. Small families or couples

These condos are suitable for couples or a young family with a kid. Such types of units are good as first homes for those who want a private property. Note that you can also rent these units for mid or senior expats who want slightly larger units. They are normally large enough and have an extra private room. These condo units usually have two bedrooms and measure between 750 and 1000 square feet. Ki Residences have a bigger layout and therefore there are buyers who will be keen as their family size is larger. It is also located right at the heart of Clementi.

Condo Size that is Right for Singles

3. The lifelong single

This is an individual who simply wants to remain single for life. It could also be a person who is keen on understanding the property market. So, these people are usually interested in getting a small condo. They are usually termed as shoebox units i.e. units below 538 square feet. If you are a lifelong single, you can also go for a private shoebox for less than $600,000.

Condo Size That is Right for Professionals

4. The lifelong single who is a professional or a dedicated hobbyist.

There are singles who are professionals who live alone but need more space. They include designers, architects, and photographers, among others. These professionals or hobbyists don’t mind working from home. So, they sometimes use their homes as offices or studio. So, they need to get a condo size that’s bigger than the shoebox. However, it shouldn’t be a full-size condo. This could be something between 500 and 750 square feet.

So, when you are buying a unit, don’t just look at the price and think that more is good. You might end up with a bigger unit that you need. Look at the key details such as the space area you need. Note that property owners sometimes charge more for features such as the balcony. Well, take time and do your research. Remember that in real estate, a small extra charge can mean thousands of dollars.

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