Shopping and Dining at Holland Village

Holland village is certainly one of the best places to pamper yourself. The lively village has some of the coolest eateries which offer a wide variety of local and exotic dishes. Regardless of the time of the day, you can do shopping or take your favorite meals from a broad range of restaurants. The numerous entertainment outlets are perfect for enhancing mood and lifting your spirit. So, where can you enjoy a snack, eat, or drink? Ki Residences is located near to Holland Village and therefore presents many dining options and shopping for the former Brookvale Park Enbloc.

Many Cafes Located at Holland Village

D’Good Café

This is a cool restaurant in Holland Village. D’Good Café has a gorgeous whimsical theme and it’s the perfect place for a weekend brunch. It has four distinct spaces which are themed and they are the Bar, Balcony, and Lawn, Attic.

El Patio

Found along Lorong Mambong, El Patio has a wide range of culinary dishes. It’s one of the eateries which serves hot dishes that simply tantalize your taste buds. Note that El Patio has a homely ambiance and the Mexican food served here is affordable. Its design allows you to seat outdoors as you sample the surrounding environment while enjoying your meal.

Many Food Places at Holland Village

Nakhon Kitchen

This is a Thai eatery that serves delicious Thai dishes. Nakhon Kitchen is found in 27A Lorong Liput. What makes it a popular eatery is that the food is absolutely mouth-watering and the cost is affordable. Some of the best dishes include pandan leaf chicken and Thai green curry.

Gaia Korean Grill and Bar

Have you ever tasted Korean food? Well, Gaia has grills made with the Korean style. This grill and bar will leave you craving for more Korean BBQ thanks to their marinated meats. Apart from that, there is also seafood pancakes, banchan appetizers, etc.

Shopping at Holland Village

Sunday Folks

This is a café that specializes in making sweet treats. Sunday Folks has a broad menu in addition to a beautiful décor. Visually, the place is stunning. Some of its popular dessert creations include the Adzuki/Madagascan Vanilla Ice-cream Parfait, Spring Medley, handmade sweets, and many others. Note that Sunday Folks is also a great place to get a hot cup of coffee. And you have the option to pair it with your favorite treat without worrying about the cost! There are many shopping centres also located at Holland Village at the convenience of the residents of Ki Residences

Breko Café

Are you looking for a place that serves mouth-watering brunch? Well, Breko Café is the right place. Located in 38 Lorong Mambong, this eatery serves tasty brunchy bites that will definitely satisfy your hunger pangs. Breko Café has a wide range of waffles. They also serve the classic and popular pan brekkie. You have an option of choosing pan-fried salmon, burgers, and steak among others.

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